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Air Conditioning Services in Lake in the Hills, IL

Service King Plumbing & HVAC - Air Conditioning Services in Lake in the Hills, IL

Air Conditioning Services, Lake in the Hills, IL

When summer hits the Lake in the Hills, IL area, you’ll be glad that you had an excellent air conditioner installed at your home. Frankly, nothing beats whole house cooling. While portable units have their uses in a pinch, a central air conditioner, heat pump or ductless mini split can keep your entire living space crisp and cool, no matter how hot it gets outside. As a leading provider of air conditioning services throughout the area, we’re proud to provide quality air conditioners for installation and replacement, as well as air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to see what we can do for your home.

Service King Plumbing & HVAC offers quality air conditioners and professional air conditioning services in Lake in the Hills, IL and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Selecting the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

What makes the perfect air conditioner? Power? Cost? Is it energy efficiency? The fact is that there is no such thing as the best air conditioner, but that does not mean that we cannot find the right one for your home. Let us help you sort through the various makes and models available to you so that we can find one that works perfectly for your cooling needs as well as your budget.

It’s not without good reason that a central air conditioner remains one of the most popular HVAC systems used throughout the country. It is a split system that has outdoor and indoor units, as well as ductwork. It is widely recognized for its power and cost–effective startup cost, particularly when it shares ductwork with a furnace. If you’re looking for a no–frills system for your cooling needs, then look no further than central air units.

Professional AC Service in Lake in the Hills

When hiring a professional to take care of your air conditioning service in Lake in the Hills, IL, you’ll need to make sure that you opt for quality service above all else. Our AC service is comprehensive, and it starts from day one. We can find you an air conditioner that matches your needs and we can also service your existing AC, whether we installed it or not. If you want to keep you and your family cool this summer, just call us.

Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance

When it comes to the installation of a new air conditioner, you’ll want to make certain that your system works exactly as it should for years to come. Our air conditioning installation service is designed to keep our customers cool for many future summers. Despite our high quality products, we know that no HVAC system will last forever. As your system ages, you may find that your air conditioning system requires frequent repairs or that it has shut down completely. Our air conditioning replacement service can help you find a new system for your home, and ensure that your old AC is removed carefully.

During the course of its cooling life, your air conditioner endures a significant amount of wear and tear to its system components. You may find that your system breaks down at some point and that you’ve lost your cooling. We can restore its performance with our air conditioning repair service. If you’d like to avoid costly repairs on your AC, make sure that you are keeping up with regular maintenance and service! When it comes to keeping your air conditioner in good working order throughout its service life, nothing beats professional air conditioning maintenance. We can make sure that your system is fully inspected, cleaned and adjusted. Our technicians provide service to Lake in the Hills and the surrounding area, and we’d love an opportunity to earn your business. 

Ductless Air Conditioning

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of energy that your AC uses, then you may want to consider a ductless air conditioning system for your home. These systems offer a versatile cooling experience that is also highly energy efficient. We install and service ductless air conditioning systems throughout Lake in the Hills, IL. Call Service King Plumbing & HVAC today.