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Insulation Service in Lake in the Hills, IL by Service King Plumbing & HVAC

Is your energy bill far higher than you’d like it to be? Are you expanding your home and want to make sure that it’s insulated properly at all times? Do you suspect that the insulation behind your walls or ceilings is insufficient or otherwise compromised? Insulation is a key factor in the comfort of any home. If you own a whole house heating and cooling system, then it is largely predicated on the fact that your home is insulated. Not even a high–end powerhouse HVAC system can compete with a poorly insulated home. As a leading provider of indoor air quality and HVAC services, we provide our customers with exceptional insulation installation and replacement services in the Lake in the Hills, IL area.

Whether you’re moving into a new home and want to make sure high quality materials will be used to insulate your home, or you find that your existing home desperately needs a replacement to ensure that you’re getting the most from your HVAC systems, then just give us a call. Our skilled and trained HVAC technicians are here to make sure that all of your needs are taken care of. As a company, we are wholly committed to taking care of our customers, and our insulation service is no different. Contact our friendly technicians today to learn more about what we do.

The indoor air quality experts at Service King Plumbing & HVAC provide insulation services in Lake in the Hills, IL and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule your next service appointment.

The Importance of Insulation

While the thought of insulation conjures up cotton–candy–like fiberglass and keeping warm during the winter, it’s important to take seriously the importance of your insulation to your daily comfort around the house, and not just on the cold days, either. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that keeping your home insulated is just as crucial to keeping heat out during the summer as it is to keeping heat inside during the colder months of the year.

One of the key aspects of insulation is the way that it is installed. If even one area is unevenly insulated or stuffed with too much, then the results can be less than satisfactory. It’s important that your insulation be carefully installed, whether it’s going in for the first time or replacing older materials. It provides a necessary thermal barrier that is necessary for the successful operation of any heating or cooling.

Our Professional Insulation Installation Services

If you want your insulation installed correctly the first time, then just let us know. We specialize in a wide range of materials and methods, including batt insulation as well as spray and blown–in insulations. We can find you an insulation material that is customized around exactly what your home needs. You can rely on our technicians for a full evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency.

Signs that You Need Insulation Replacement in Lake in the Hills, IL

Insulation doesn’t last indefinitely. Like any other part of your home, it breaks down over time, and can be affected by moisture. If you suspect that your insulation needs to be replaced, then just let us know. You may find that your energy bills have been steadily on the rise for some time or that certain parts of your home feel a bit drafty during the winter and unusually hot during the summer. Call us today for all of your insulation needs in Lake in the Hills, IL.