Water Line Problems You Should Know About

water-lineA lot of people make at least a token effort to keep their plumbing systems operating properly. They keep an eye out for any signs the system isn’t functioning the way it should, and call for a plumber when they need to. Far fewer people, however, are as careful about their water line.

The water line is the most important part of your plumbing system. All water that passes through the plumbing system flows from the water line. If you want the rest of your plumbing system to stay in good shape, it’s a good idea to make sure that your water line is healthy. Have a look at some common water line problems below, and what you should do to make sure they don’t affect your system.

Tree Root Growth

You may think that your water line is relatively safe from tree roots if you know where it’s located relative to the closest trees. Don’t be fooled, though. Tree root structures can extend far beyond the visible part of the tree. You may still have roots growing in your water line, and that’s something that can cause serious trouble.

Tree roots often penetrate water lines in search of water, which of course they find. Once the root has punched a hole in the line, it will grow and spread until it chokes off practically all water flowing through the line. Tree roots can often be cut out of the water line during annual maintenance. You just need to make sure to schedule it every year or two in order to make sure the problem doesn’t progress too far.

Lime Scale

If you know that your home has issues with hard water, you need to make sure that your water line is checked every year or so for limescale buildup. Limescale is a kind of mineral buildup that can slowly constrict the flow of water through the water line. If it goes on for long enough, it will all-but-cripple your home plumbing system. What’s worse, lime scale can harden if it isn’t found and removed in a timely manner. Once that happens it will be nearly impossible to remove without replacing the entire section of affected pipe.


Water lines are just as prone to leaks as any other part of your plumbing system. Depending on what your water line is made of, leaks could be caused in a number of different ways. Corrosion, rust, and even the ground shifting beneath it can all cause the line to spring leaks in various areas. Leaks are almost impossible to prevent from forming. If you schedule preventive maintenance consistently, though, your plumber should be able to catch and fix them before they get any worse. Noticing a pattern here? If you schedule maintenance, you should not have to worry about the majority of water line issues.

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