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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Ductless Air Conditioner

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Ductless air conditioners, like all systems, have a limited lifespan. No matter how well you take care of them, they will eventually need to be replaced. What is important is that you recognize the signs that your ductless system is reaching the end of its lifespan. You don’t want to have your first warning sign be when your system gives out on a hot day. Read on to have a look at some of the more common signs that you need to replace your ductless air conditioner. (more…)

Why You Should Install Ductless Air Conditioning This Summer

Monday, June 15th, 2015

The busiest season for air conditioning is just getting into full swing, and that means that keeping cool is a top priority for a lot of people. If you’re in the market for a new cooling system this summer, you should have a look at some of the alternatives to traditional air conditioning systems. For example, have a look at ductless air conditioning. Let’s examine what makes ductless air conditioners unique, and the advantages that they can provide. (more…)

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?

Monday, June 30th, 2014

There are more choices than ever before when it comes to the ways in which you may choose to cool your home. This is a great benefit in many ways, of course. Variety being the spice of life, there is certainly an AC out there for just about any application. However, the sheer number of choices available can also make it difficult for homeowners to determine just which air conditioner is right for them. That is why you are so well-advised in seeking out the input of a skilled, trained professional. When you work with the experts at Service King, you can rest assured that you will have the right air conditioner for your individual needs. One great option to consider is a ductless air conditioner in Schaumburg, IL.

There are a number of benefits which you may enjoy as the direct result of opting for a ductless air conditioner. The most obvious, of course, is the fact that a ductless air conditioner is a real space saver. There is no need for air ducts in the system, as individual, wall-mounted air handlers cool rooms directly. This makes a ductless air conditioner, or ductless mini split, a great option for homeowners with existing ductwork.

In some instances, homeowners may simply prefer not to use ductwork in their homes. There are plenty of reasons to use air ducts, but faulty air ducts can also lead to great inefficiency. By eliminating the need for ductwork altogether, you won’t have to worry about compromised ductwork allowing for wasted energy when trying to cool your home. Furthermore, airborne pollutants will not be able to make their way into your ductwork, from which point being spread throughout your entire home and dragging down indoor air quality.

Finally, ductless air conditioners use heat pump technology, which means that they can reverse their operation to heat your home as well. If you have any further questions about why you may want to opt for ductless air conditioning in Schaumburg, IL, just call the experts at Service King. We’ll help you to decide if this is the best option for your needs.