When to Call for Drain Cleaning Services

toiletKeeping your plumbing system in good shape for as long as possible requires taking a lot of different steps. For the drain and sewer portion of your system, the best thing you can do is schedule drain cleaning services on a regular basis. If you haven’t had your drains cleaned in a while, or at all, you should have a look at the following reasons why it’s a good idea.

The Benefits of Drain Cleaning

The drains in the average home plumbing system are designed to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. However, they can still develop issues over time if they don’t receive professional services often enough. The single most common problem that home drain systems have to deal with is drain clogs, which is why drain cleaning is the single best thing you can do for yours. Regular drain cleaning will not only clean out any waste buildup that threatens to clog your drain system, but will make it less likely for problems to occur in the future.

Slow Drainage

Drain clogs don’t form suddenly. At least, they don’t typically form that way. Most drain clogs are the result of steady waste buildup on the pipe walls over time. As the waste deposit covers more and more of the inside of the pipe, the flow of water through it is restricted. This will cause the drain to drain more slowly than it normally does, until the clog completes and it stops draining at all. If you notice one of your drains draining slower than it should be, call for drain cleaning services right away before the clog has a chance to complete.

Bad Smells

This warning sign is especially common with kitchen drains, which deal with food waste. As the waste buildup on the inside of the drain pipe becomes severe, it can start to give off a rancid smell that wafts up out of the drain. If your drain is making the surrounding area smell like an open sewer, it’s a safe bet that you need to schedule drain cleaning services. Take note, though, that if the smells are coming out of multiple drains in the home it could mean that you have an issue deeper in your sewer system. If that’s the case, you might need a more involved plumbing solution to fix it.

It’s Been Over a Year

Much of the time, developing clogs go unnoticed by homeowner until they’re close to completion. This is because the waste deposits in the pipe might not be large enough to start noticeably restricting the flow of water until later on. Just because you don’t notice them at first, though, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. If it’s been over a year since you last had your drains cleaned, it’s a good idea to make sure that you schedule professional drain cleaning services. Preventive drain cleaning is just as good for your drain and sewer system as drain cleaning to remove a clog.

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