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Outdoor Lighting Options You Should Consider

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Are you satisfied with the lighting outside of your home? Do you have sufficient lighting to guide guests to your door? If you’re still in the dark when you step outside of the house, or if you want to install lighting that will help to protect your home and keep your guests safe, call the friendly service people at Service King Plumbing & HVAC. Our electricians will install your new lighting fixtures to match your energy efficiency needs, suit your design preferences, and make all of your guests feel welcome.

Add Landscape Lights

The lights outside of your home can serve to illuminate the parts of your yard that are normally kept in the dark. Show off a flower bed, a large tree, a waterfall, or your porch. Transform your outdoors into a place for family and friends to gather even after hours. And light up a pathway so that everyone on your property feels safe and secure.

Consider Security Lights

The lighting outside can double as both landscape lighting and pathway lighting. Additionally, you can have your outdoor lighting function as both a way to guide visitors to your front door and to keep the home safe and secure. When you install an automatic sensor with your outdoor lighting, you don’t have to worry about the potential problems that may arise from guests stumbling along your walkway, and you can feel better protected against intruders. The automatic motion sensor can detect movement several feet away from your property, scaring off those who might consider trespassing.

Switch to LEDs

LED lighting has come down in price dramatically in the last several years and has become the choice option for installers. And these days, LED lights look and feel warmer and brighter than ever before. Installing lighting fixtures designed to hold LED bulbs could save you quite a bit of money over the years, as these fixtures and bulbs operate efficiently and may last well over a decade.

Call your friendly neighborhood electricians at Service King Plumbing & HVAC to hear more about your outdoor lighting options in Algonquin and to schedule professional installation.

Why You Need Experts for Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Installation

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Smoke detectors have been a mandatory fixture in homes and businesses for many years, but the legislation of carbon monoxide detectors is fairly recent. Since 2007, all Illinois homes have been required to keep a carbon monoxide detector within 15 feet of any room that a person sleeps in, as long as those homes burn fuel for heating or hot water. If you don’t currently have a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm in the home, or if you’re feeling uneasy about the condition of your existing system, count on a licensed electrician for installation or service.

The people at Service King Plumbing & HVAC can make sure that your new carbon monoxide and smoke detectors work properly. Call us for electrical services in Arlington Heights, IL today.

Why Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors are Necessary

Of course, smoke detectors alert you when there is a potential fire in the home. Smoke fills the unit and blocks a sensor, which then triggers an alarm to sound to keep you and your family members safe. A carbon monoxide detector is necessary in any home where a fuel-burning appliance is in use. This includes most water heaters and heating equipment. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills over 400 people in the United States each year and lands over 20,000 more in the hospital. Do not take this risk with your family’s health.

Reasons to Schedule Professional Service

It may seem as though you can simply mount the detector on the wall and then it will do the work. But these types of systems usually work better when they are wired into the wall directly. This way, you have a battery backup as additional support in the case of a power outage, not as your primary form of power. Professionals also have the experience to test your new smoke and carbon monoxide detector to make sure that everything is working properly.

We provide quality electrical work in Arlington Heights, IL. Contact the professional electricians at Service King Plumbing & HVAC today. We install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as surge protection, wiring services, and more. Always choose an electrician for electrical installation and repair for your safety and convenience.

Why You Need Professionals for Outdoor Lighting

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Oh, the great outdoors. . .  are not so great when you are tripping and falling because you can’t see anything. Winter in particular can be dicey, with ice and snow on the ground that can cause you to slip and fall. Outdoor lighting isn’t just about having some light to shine; it’s about designing a lighting plan and installing the correct lighting that will keep you and your home safe and well-lit year-round. The experts at Service King have the experience and expertise to design and install an outdoor lighting plan that will fit your home and your needs for years to come. Stop stumbling around in the dark and call Service King today!

Design Aspects

We’ve all had that one neighbor with the outside light that was like a spotlight: too bright, not attractive and a source of irritation. When a professional electrician works on outdoor lighting, he/she will plan for the terrain of your property, how much illumination is needed, what kind of lamps to use and where and what kind of fixtures to use. Outdoor lighting should provide enough illumination to make you feel comfortable and secure while also flattering your home and property – and you may not get this attention to detail without using a trained expert.

Electrical Wiring

Once a design is in place, the work begins, and outdoor lighting can utilize a lot of wiring. The electricity for your outdoor lights is part of your home’s overall electricity, so it is work that should only be handled by a trained and licensed electrician. Poorly installed outdoor lighting can be unsafe, cause problems with your electrical panel and even cause a blackout; additionally, all work done for your outdoor lighting must be up to all current electrical codes.

Hiring a professional to handle your outdoor lighting in Bartlett, IL ensures that you’ll have attractive, useful and efficient outdoor lighting that will be safe and efficient. Need some light in your life? Call Service King today and schedule an appointment with one of our electricians!

Some of Your Options for Home Security

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

You do everything you can to keep the members of your family safe from harm and protect your belongings from theft. You lock the doors at night and make sure all of the windows are shut. You change the locks whenever you lose your keys and perhaps participate in the neighborhood watch. You may even keep a dog around, partly in the hopes that Fido will alert you in the event of a home intrusion. But are these precautions enough to deter a criminal?

Unfortunately, break-ins are a possibility at any time of day or night and in any type of neighborhood. Of course, you should contact emergency services if ever an intruder finds a way onto your property. But you can also try the following additional installations from a trained electrician to keep your belongings and the people in your home safe and secure.

  • Security Lighting: One of the most basic ways homeowners protect their home is with outdoor security lighting. Security lighting provides enough illumination that an intruder can be seen by anyone nearby. A burglar may approach a home because it is dark and nobody appears to be present or awake. But if automatic security lights switch on when motion sensors detect movement, a trespasser may decide the risk of getting caught is no longer worth it. If you decide to install security lighting, you’ll need a professional for installation to make sure they have the right amount of power and that they’re installed safely.
  • Basic Home Security System: Many homeowners choose a basic home security system, which detects when a window or door is open. An electrician installs door and window sensors and motion sensors and a control panel as well as a high decibel siren to alert you, your neighbors, and the police of a home invasion.
  • CCTV Monitoring: However, these two units alone may not be enough to keep criminals at bay. Many homeowners also install CCTV surveillance cameras to record any activity outside of the home so you can know to call emergency services before someone breaks in. When combined with outdoor lighting and an alarm, you’ll have the perfect safety measures in place.

Let a skilled electrician wire these security devices into your home using home automation to provide you with a tool to control every piece of equipment at once via a smart phone or tablet. Call the electrical experts at Service King to speak with an expert about your options for home security system in Palatine today.

Why You Should Install GFCI Outlets

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

When it comes to the electrical components of your home, you’ll do everything you can to protect yourself and your family. One of the best ways to do this is by installing GCFI outlets in various areas of your home. GFCI outlets help prevent electrical shocks and are recommended or required for use in parts of your home that use a lot of water, such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, many technicians recommend them in more areas to keep everyone safe from harm. Learn more about GFCI outlets in this guide.

What Is a GFCI Outlet?

GFCI outlets help protect your family members from electrical shock. You may recognize these outlets because they are commonly found in kitchens. They look much like normal outlets except for a key visual difference, the “test” and “reset” buttons. With any modern electrical outlet there are three slots. The round one at the bottom is known as the “ground,” the larger left is “neutral” and the right one is called “hot.” Usually, when a plug is working as it should, electricity flows from hot to neutral.

When something interrupts the current, it increases the chances of electrical shock. For example, water may interfere with the normal flow of electricity. If you are holding a hair dryer and it gets wet for any reason, the current may suddenly flow from hot to you. This could be extremely dangerous. However, a GFCI outlet senses any change in the flow of electricity almost immediately and shuts off the breaker as soon as possible. You should test the reset button every month to ensure it is still working properly.

Choosing Professionals for Installation

When you need GFCI installation, be sure to only leave the job up to electricians who can ensure safe installation and that have protection in areas that you may not have thought of, such as outdoors or in a laundry room. Many of today’s homes have GFCI outlets throughout as an added safety feature. This is a good idea for homeowners with small children. In any case, building codes often require these outlets in bathrooms and kitchens. Be sure to choose professionals who know the codes and proper procedures. For electrical installation in Carpentersville, call the trained electricians at Service King today!

3 Advantages of Upgrading Your Outdoor Lighting

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

It’s easy to pay attention to the quality of the indoor lighting in your home because you spend most of the evening inside your house, not outside it. But you may be missing out on some important benefits of redoing your home’s outdoor lighting. A professional electrician in Palatine, IL can help you create superior outdoor lighting that will make your home more enjoyable, attractive, and safe.

To learn about the possibilities for outdoor lighting upgrades—from landscape to security lighting—contact the electricians at Service King today. We offer numerous electrical services for homes in the Fox Valley and surrounding Chicagoland suburbs. Whether you want new lighting for your home, or repairs for a malfunctioning circuit breaker panel, one call to us will take care of everything.

3 Benefits of Installing Better Outdoor Lighting

  1. Security: Multiple studies have come to an identical conclusion: criminals such as burglars and vandals will avoid well-lit homes. A house will attractive illumination on the exterior and the landscape presents the appearance of a house that is well-maintained, which discourages thieves and other potential troublemakers. However, not just any bright lights will do the job. Harsh lighting creates shadows that are easier for unwanted people to hide in. Make sure that a professional electrician assists with setting up lighting that will heighten your home security.
  2. More use of outdoor recreation areas: Does the outside of your home have a pool, verandah, patio, or other area for relaxation? There’s no reason that you have to retire to the inside just because the sun goes down: you’ll receive extended enjoyment of these recreational places with increased lighting. The setting sun shouldn’t mean an end to the festivities.
  3. Safety: The walkways, stairs, ramps, and driveways around your home can turn into potential hazards without quality lighting. You don’t want to struggle to move from the outside drive to reach the front door, nor do you want to risk tripping when trying to navigate the side of the house during the evening. Increased illumination for safety is especially important if you have a pool, or if children or elderly people live in your house who are at risk of falling.

Taking care of the electrical system in your house is an important task to ensure that you live in a pleasant, energy-efficient, and safe home. If you need work for either the inside or the outside of your home, you can count on Service King to deliver the job necessary. If you think it is time to raise your home’s outdoor lighting in Palantine, IL to the next level of comfort, safety, and security, give our electricians a call.