When is it Time for a New Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners, like any machine, are not invincible. As great as it would be to install an air conditioner and never have to worry about it again, eventually you’ll need to have it replaced. When that time comes, it’s best not to hesitate. If you wait until your old air conditioner gives out completely before looking for a new system, you will likely find yourself without air conditioning for several days. Considering that summer is almost here, that would not be a comfortable thing. Read on to find out more about when it’s time for a new air conditioner.

Increase in Operating Costs

Older systems have much more wear and tear on them, owing to years of use. As a system reaches the end of its life, it will not be able to keep up with demand for cool air as well as it used to. In an effort to compensate, the system will remain on longer to achieve the same output. That will cause an increase in your monthly electric bills. If you start to notice your electric bills steadily rising while you’re using your air conditioner, you may need to replace it.

Increase in Repairs

The same wear that causes a drop in efficiency will eventually cause parts of the system to fail completely. As each part wears down a bit differently, this can cause your system to break down for a different reason every couple of months. When that starts happening, you know that you need to get a new air conditioner.


The rule of thumb is that air conditioners tend to last 15–20 years. If your air conditioner endures past that age without any problems, that’s good. However, it’s probably still cheaper to replace your 20-year-old air conditioner with a newer, more efficient model.

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