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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner, or Have it Repaired?

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Air-Conditioner-TechnicianWith summer upon us, the strain on your air conditioner is likely quite a bit higher than at other times of the year. The more you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool, the more wear and tear the system is going to experience. That will make problems more likely to occur, and could even cause the system to permanently break down. If your air conditioner is experiencing issues, and you’re not sure whether or not to replace it, read on. (more…)

If You Haven’t Scheduled Pipe Inspection in a While, Now is the Time

Monday, July 17th, 2017

corroded-pipesThe single best thing you can do to keep your plumbing system in good shape is to schedule preventive maintenance for it. The majority of problems that can afflict a plumbing system don’t give off obvious warning signs in time for most of the damage to be prevented. If you want to keep your plumbing system in good condition, you’re going to need to catch problems before they have the chance to develop that far. A key part of plumbing maintenance is video pipe inspection. (more…)

When to Call for Drain Cleaning Services

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

toiletKeeping your plumbing system in good shape for as long as possible requires taking a lot of different steps. For the drain and sewer portion of your system, the best thing you can do is schedule drain cleaning services on a regular basis. If you haven’t had your drains cleaned in a while, or at all, you should have a look at the following reasons why it’s a good idea. (more…)