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Be Careful of These Signs That You Have a Plumbing Leak

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Frozen Burst Pipe.jpgIt can be pretty difficult to detect a leak in your plumbing system, for a couple of pretty obvious reasons. First, most of the leaks that can afflict your plumbing start out pretty small. So small, in fact, that they don’t actually give off any sort of symptom you can recognize without physically examining the pipe or using other indirect methods. The second reason is that much of the system is hidden from view, making it unlikely for you to just spot a leak unless it’s very large. Fortunately, there are ways for you to detect leaks in your plumbing without professional equipment, provided you know what you’re looking for. (more…)

How a Reverse Osmosis System Works, and Why You Should Care

Monday, February 13th, 2017

This may or may not come as a shock to you, but the water you’re likely to find out in nature is not actually that great for you. For all the raving about “clear, natural mountain spring water” that so many beverage companies engage in, natural water oftentimes requires quite a bit of effort to reach the level of quality and safety that you’re probably used to.

Much of the time, the city or town you live in will put the municipal water supply through a treatment process before it makes its way to your home. This gets rid of a lot of the bacteria, chemicals, and harmful elements like lead that may be present in the supply. (more…)