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Why You Need to Have Your Anode Rod Checked Once a Year

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Any system that deals with water over a long period of time is bound to deal with rust at some point. So, have you ever wondered why your water heater doesn’t rust away within a year or two of installation? The reason it doesn’t is a part called the anode rod. Let’s take a look at the anode rod, how it protects your water heater, and why you need to have it checked at least once a year. (more…)

Watch Out for These Signs That You Have a Leak

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Plumbing leaks are often quite difficult to detect, considering their size. As a result, most people don’t even realize that they have a plumbing leak until it’s too late to prevent the majority of the damage. If you know what to look for, though, you can find some plumbing leaks before they have the chance to cause significant problems. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you have a plumbing leak. (more…)

If You Notice These Symptoms, Call for Plumbing Repairs Right Away

Monday, April 11th, 2016

One of the most frustrating things about plumbing issues is how incredibly difficult it is to catch them early. In addition to having the potential to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages, most plumbing issues go unnoticed until it’s too late. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have a professional inspect your plumbing system at least once a year. If you want to be prepared for any problems that may crop up between maintenance appointments, though, you should read on. (more…)

How to Tell if You Need a Water Softener

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Hard water is a common threat to homes across the country, yet it is one that relatively few homeowners know about. Though slow moving, and typically subtle, hard water can cause absolute havoc in your plumbing pipes and lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. The best way to deal with hard water is to install a water softener in your home. However, before you do that you’re going to have to know whether you need it in the first place. Keep an eye out for the following signs that you need water softening services. (more…)